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WeTrapMusic.com is currently looking to expand our team. While no previous experience is required, it is beneficial. We are looking for individuals who have an eye for talent and new music. push the culture of the indie/underground music scene.. We are not a pay-to-post website which means we rely on  ourselves, writers and content creators to keep the content tasteful and up to quality.

Every month an evaluation will be done on each member to analyze their efforts in abiding by the site rules and regulations and enforcing them.



You are required to write at least 8 articles of independent posts per month to remain a part of our community. This will help the community keep fresh and new content from all over the world. We plan to be the #1 place for indie artist to shine and be showcased. You want to put in work?

CTBAN.jpgAs WeTrapMusic.com continues to grow we will be looking to push more site based content, spotlighting exclusive content directly featured from our site. Including exclusive releases, interviews, podcast, FB live shows, Live reviews, competitions, giveaways, promotions and more. We want every content creator to be able to grow and develop themselves at a brand. We will be promoting exclusively through F.L.I.M.S. Media Company (the official media company for the site) If you are interested in joining our team fill the application below.


We are looking to expand our team of DJs, Event Host and Planners. As we continue to grow nationally and internationally we are looking to give musicians, content creators, host and planners and more a platform to promote and spread there regions music scene along with the other WeTrapMusic.com community.

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