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Denver – Win @onlydenver_

Upcoming Canadian artist Denver comesfrom London, ON. The 21 year old meshes catchy rap music with pop appeal. A good example of this can be found in his latest video for “Win”. My video for Win is more focused on the visuals, clean cut editing and high quality all around. The lyrics and beat pull you in with the constant

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Pat Anthony – Stay @PatAnthonyMusic

“Stay” is the embodiment of the numerous styles that Pat Anthony rings to the table. The airy yet uptempo production of TheRealAGE Beats intertwined with soulful vocals give the song its relaxing and unique vibe. The visual shot by Jeremy Pape of Collective-Culture brings the story of how love can change who you ultimately are to life. The song is

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ITsEVi – Family Tree @lTsEVi

ITsEVi is a highly diverse artist hailing from Denver, Colorado. The Asian American tackles hard hitting topics with a unique flow that separates him from the rest. Through Evi’s upbringing and culture, he got into music very early on and is talented with both production and live instrumentation. His wittiness and character make his career that much easier to follow.

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