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ToiBoi – So Simple @guymannnnnn

Toiboi made “So Simple” after a walk at the beach after sunset. The track makes you envision the waves of the ocean, and it also has a rainy atmosphere. It’s a track which could be listened to while taking a walk at the beach, watching the sunset, studying, at a cafe diner, when you’re in love, or for simply relaxing.

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After a few weeks in the studio, HOLLOWGANG have managed to create a bunch of tracks. The single “POSTCARD” debuted on October 18th via Wasted Talent Records for which HOLLOWGANG say: “We think the common thread in postcard really is the whole turning something sad into something hype. First demo we made off it was based of a wonky guitar

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Nadia Vaeh – 1,000 Cuts @NadiaVaeh

Singer-songwriter Nadia Vaeh has announced the release of her new song “1,000 Cuts,” a mischievous and sultry perspective of lust and the obsession with the chase. Vaeh opts for a lively, roguish beat that is difficult to fight, quite like the overpowering senses of premature infatuation, love, and desire. Still, Vaeh finds a reason to celebrate this dilemma, choosing to

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