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4SO – $OTW @4so4so4so

“$OTW” is an upbeat, consistent, 11 song project from 4SO that will have you captivated from start to finish. From the intro to the outro, the melodic and catchy flows of each song will be bouncing around in your head for days to come. 19 year old, Long Island based rapper 4SO brings something new to the table with his

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Lisa-Rae – Therapy @bougierae_

Lisa-Rae’s 7-track EP “Therapy” tells a story of overcoming the visceral lows and highs of relationships. The EP opens with an introduction that refers to her relationship with music as therapeutic and it’s what she considers her ode to music. The combination of emotive beats and melodies exposes her vulnerability in tracks such as Pretty Eyes Lie and Down Fall.

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AgentPaco – The Devil Works Hard But AgentPaco Works Harder @agentpaco

The Devil Works Hard But AgentPaco Works Harder is an 8-track album from Nashville artist AgentPaco that exists to create a fun, more wide-appealing atmosphere to the rap genre. Paco combines humor, catchy hooks, booming production, and his love for fashion and art into a 20-minute package perfect for all ages that does not overstay its welcome. From the bright,

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Seeking Success

The Lexington hip hop community is one where there is a very diverse group of artists who consistently create artwork in hopes of being discovered.   Some common themes in the local hip-hop scene include self-promotion, community support and egotism.   DJ Knockout, formally known as Keenan Steele, 25, said, the geographic location of Lexington isn’t the most welcoming to the urban music culture; and

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Tanner Molique – “Tunnel Vision” ft. Casey Veggies

Expanding on an already blossoming roster, California record label VerySpecial presents rapper TannerMolique and his new single “Tunnel Vision.” Supporting TannerMolique  from the start of his career, helping him develop music and videos surrounding his songs, VerySpecial took interest in Tanner after realizing how unique of a person he has always been. “This a flex song – sing this to

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