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IMQ – Can’t Stay Still

NEW LEGENDARY ARTIST DEBUTS SAN FRANCISCO, CA – IMQ Music has signed an agreement with the legendary Jerry Greenberg, who has launched dozens of hit artist careers, to do career development for IMQ and Michael Vail Blum, who has produced songs worth more than $100 million in sales to produce IMQ’s next album. His work includes collaborations with Michael Jackson,

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Dante’ Note’ – Dodie

North Carolina funk-master pays homage to national ‘smoke’ holiday with single ‘Dodie’ RALEIGH, NC – April 20 is the national “smoking” holiday, and as far as North Carolina hip-hop artist Danté Noté is concerned, that’s the perfect time to drop a song that’s a homage to weed. The song is called “Dodie,” and it features Danté’s unique “funky” sound. As a musician

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SelaHack – Spoiled | @Selahack

For Kidz Bop star Sela Hack launches solo career with standout single ‘Spoiled’ SAN ANTONIO, TX – After a childhood spent touring and recording with Kidz Bop – covering hundreds of pop songs on one of the industry’s hottest-selling annual albums – Sela Hack is ready to launch her own solo career. Her debut single is a song called “Spoiled,” and it’s one that

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