Cody Presley – Nosebleed @CodyPres

Cody Presley’s “Nosebleed” takes you own a journey through the mind of Cody Presley and his broken heart. This is his first single in two years. He’s overcome inner demons and is laying it all out on this record.

Black finger nails, dyed hair, ripped jeans and gunmetal Doc Martin’s. His energy is felt, and you have no choice but to pay attention. Born in Pensacola, FL, Cody Norris has always felt as if music was his true calling. His sound stems from a place of hope. He’s the voice for the forgotten, the unseen. His songs of heartbreak speak to the hopeless romantic in all of us. When you listen to songs like “i Think i” or “Nosebleed” you can hear the passion and pain blare through the speakers. With a grunge esthetic, he gives his fans exactly what they want: Emotion and vulnerability.

Heartache brings out a different side of us and he’s found a way to capture it.
Growing up in a small town, has many cons. Cody used the hardships to his advantage. He was able to cultivate his sound and intertwine different genres into his writing. While doing so, he learned what it took to become an artist. As his sound evolves, the future looks brighter and brighter. He is on the brink of becoming the artist he’s always wanted to be.

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