Young Sham – Goat Files EP @YoungSham22

Young Sham is a 19 Year Old artist from Roxbury, MA that makes versatile genres of music. Young Sham is a brand that goes beyond music and is associate with an upcoming clothing line. Young Sham uses music to tell his story with women, drug abuse, gang violence, etc. Introducing a new wave of music described as fun trap by some due to it being rage/party music that can be danced to over trap like 808s. Young Sham draws musical influences from Young Thug, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD and many other artist. Young Sham’s music doesn’t sound like any other music in Boston or even the east coast region.

My “Goat Files” EP consist of 4 songs all different vibes to each song. Style Ain’t free goes through the gang violence, drip and everything else that likes to be heard when listening to music. Pain 2 goes through a true story of missing my dead brothers and friends that I will no longer be able to see. Coupe is a autotuned song about the lavish life and the finer things. Neva Lose is a high energy track that is similar to lil uzi vert style of music.

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