Moana Tela – Searching 4 Me @MoanaTela

Moana Tela is an American Samoan rapper. She is known as the “no genre artist” after significantly highlighting her versatility in recording songs in various genres. Moana Tela has also been featured on multiple credible media outlets such as ACL Radio, Voyage Houston, Austin Chronicle.

Moana Tela was raised in a military household. The artist lived all over the world during the time of her upbringing. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she has now picked up a large fanbase.

Moana Tela’s glorious online acknowledgment has also gained recognition by performing at Austin’s Veteran Art Festival in 2019 and The Austin Hip Hop Awards. The rapper has even been heard on the radio with singles like “Coffee,” “, “ and “Searching 4 Me” internationally and stateside. It is safe to say that Moana Tela has a prominent position in the music industry.

Music has always been a part of my life. Sometimes I feel the beat, and I start rapping other times I go off singing, it just depends on what emotion I’m feeling at the time. I love being a “No Genre Artist” because I feel comfortable choosing multiple styles that my sound may mix well with. I love the idea of expressing myself in all kinds of music and having people relate to what I am going through.

Check one of her breakout singles on Spotify entitled “Searching 4 Me”, up above.

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