Big man Pradda – Guala @itspradda

Coming in with one of the most fire voices I’ve ever heard. Big man Pradda dropped one of the hardest tapes ever recently with The Grove$ide Tape. Right out the gate you’re hit with this menacing bassline, then Pradda comes in and you’re like “What is happening?” He raps like he’s taunting you before he’s about to kill you, like he hasn’t shown you his full potential it’s wild. Plus, “Tell ’em hit me on my motorola, while you bumpin’ Yachty, I dump the body in Minnesota” is one of the hardest bars I’ve ever heard wow. Braggadocious raps are some of favorite songs ever. That’s what you get with Guala. Pradda, Ronin and Coogi rap about how they’re truly better than their competition and how they need to be dressed head to toe in the finest clothes. Pradda is one of the best, he has so many flows it’s ridiculous to try and put him in one box and it really shows on this EP.

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