Ayoka – Need to Know @MysticxLipstick

The DMV songstress, Ayoka, just dropped her new uptempo R&B single “Need to Know”, produced by GËKKØ)\.

Featuring a sleek, alternative sound and a distinctly 90’s vibe, DMV-area singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist ayoka emerged in early 2020 with a pair of sensual R&B singles (“Elevate” and “Need to Know” ). Her frank lyricism and relatable style struck a chord with listeners, turning both tracks into underground hits and propelling ayoka into the spotlight.

Ayoka has had a passion for music since a young age, when her stepfather used to break down all the different elements that go into a Jazz song. She developed a fascination for instruments, melodies, and song structures, and before long she learned to write her own music.
For ayoka, writing lyrics isn’t just about putting words on a page – it’s an experience. She tries to see things through other people’s eyes to make her verses as authentic as possible. Every word has to feel real; every note has to convey the right emotion. This way, she can relate to her listeners on a deeper emotional level.

For those that are looking for it, this is a sign. Everything will be alright.

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