Linden Tyson – ALLEN IVERSON @LindenTyson_

Georgia rapper Linden Tyson released a video last spring for his head nodding single “ALLEN IVERSON” and it’s definitely worth watching. The 24 year old (along with a few friends & family), traveled, directed, & filmed the video in various places using his phone and a 90’s style camcorder app for screen effects. In the song, Tyson correlates the feeling of his current success to the skills and greatness of NBA legend Allen Iverson; Who other than Michael Jordan, was his favorite basketball player growing up.

The city of Atlanta is no stranger to Hip-Hop. It’s diversity and high influenced culture has produced some of the biggest names in the genre today, such as Migos, J.I.D., & Childish Gambino. The names continue to expand, with new & rising talent such as Kenny Mason and 645AR.

Among the new talent, Linden Tyson is no different.

The 24 year old originally hails from Canarsie, Brooklyn, a small residential neighborhood in the state of New York that was also once home to the late great Pop Smoke. During his childhood, Tyson grew up in an era where hip-hop was in one of it’s greatest decades. Albums like “The College Dropout”, “Food And Liquor” and “Tha Carter III” we’re among many that inspired his sound, and would eventually (but instantly) persuade him to pursue a career in music. Tyson and his family moved to the small Metro Atlanta city of Grayson in 2007. Years later, he took on a music production class during his senior year of High-School where he would learn how to produce and create his own music.

In 2017, Tyson made his debut with “F L Y”, an album that nearly hit 1,000 streams on SoundCloud within the same week that it was released. It’s an accolade the rapper is proud to have accomplished, yet he is humble and continues to push himself more.

Linden’s style isn’t one that’s easy to determine. Listen to “Optimus Prime”, “ALLEN IVERSON”, or even his most recent single “RECEIPTS” which features DJ Mykael V (who’s fresh off Dude Perfect’s 2019 “Pound It Noggin” Tour), and you too will find that to be evident. From his production style, to his flow, to his lyrics, to his cover art, all of which he does entirely by himself, Linden Tyson is easily becoming one of the most exciting artists to listen to in hip hop today.

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