Yusemei – YUSEMEI’S SONG @Yusemei

“YUSEMEI’S SONG” was recorded in Amsterdam after a tough break up as all emotionally vulnerable songs seems to originate from. With the lack of love from the outside I guess it gives us the most insight on who we are and what we are made of. ” I need to smoke dope in the morning, I need to love you in the moment”, Yusemei sings.

This slowly building but catchy record gives the audience something to feel. I think we all can relate to that moment where we look at ourselves with true scrutiny and think “Damn, maybe it was my fault…”.

Produced by long time collaborator, stevenc4stle, who has made some recent hits such as BINU and NABI by BIBI (KR) as well as worked alongside the likes of Okasian, Keith Ape, and Jvcki Wai, the songs production is on point and unique.

Yusemei’s vocals cut through the song with some wholesome vocals that shoot straight at the listeners heart getting deeper and deeper with each bar.

Fusing Soundcloud rap, bedroom pop, and alternative rock together in some kind of ethereal spaced tf out world where Post Malone and lil booty call kicked it with King Krule, out would pop Yusemei.

Half his life lived in the west coast and the better half has been lived in Shanghai, China. Making bedrooms hits with his super producer stevenc4stle ( who is slowly but surely becoming a goat in the Korean rap and pop scene if he wants to admit it or not ) they came out with their first song Icky & Sticky, a smooth and airy summer Soundcloud hit. After that, most notably, Yusemei and stevenc4stle released the song Soufflé’s which has accumulated almost 100,000 views on all platforms. Although not a huge amount of plays it defiantly got Yusemei and stevenc4stle excited about what was to come.

Now residing in Seattle, Washington Yusemei mainly takes his time to make beats, record, and take walks with his dog cause everyone just needs a good walk sometimes. Look at the trees, people watch, clear your mind, and put some shit in perspective.

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