SYNERGYDAD – Nonamejustme

23 year old rapper/songwriter & recording producer born and raised in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In the heart of Albuquerque it brings you a clean & diverse style/culture where the talent and creativity flows like water from the foundation of its community. As an artist that came from poverty and a small home, the city that surrounded me became a stepping stone and playground or in some sense an outlet to venture towards aspirations. My journey as an artist/rapper & songwriter only began at the age of 17 curating my first and most amateur pieces of work operating in GarageBand with a Yeti microphone made by “Blue”. Over the years of becoming the artist I am today I’ve gained and have obtained some of the greatest knowledge I could’ve ever have admired and acquired within music. Through the trials and obstacles of being a curator of music I’ve self taught myself through each obstacle ranging from writing, producing, mixing & mastering and engineering.

I’ve become each and everyone one of these talents all in one with no schooling or degrees involved but through practice and constant craft mastering. Having total and complete creative control through projects I’ve created have been more rewarded when it came to recognition in the end and for the long run if my dream was to become more than just a dream but a reality. So from solo work to the work I do with the team I’ve established I’ve learned that doing it all yourself will be an accomplishment nobody could ever take away from you in this life or the next.

His new track “Nonamejustme” was made out of impulse but gives a brief story of some of the insecurities and pain. Also gives the viewer a brief history of temporary happiness and temptation that was brought to one individual.

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