DOLLA – Pray @1dirtydolla

Dolla isn’t named Dolla for nothing. He is the true definition of “Out The Mud” and lives up to the name that was given to him from the pimpin and hustling however he could to survive in his world. Started writing music at an early age influenced by OutKast, The Diplomats, and Pimp C to name a few but didn’t actually start taking the music path serious up until his cousin passed in 2007. At that point the pain that he had endured was poured into his music and that’s been his angle every since.

2012 He released his first mixtape on & Datpiff called “Loud Smokers Cloud”. Did a couple of feature mixtape projects around the city with local artists and a few in other cities. Ended up doing a little time dismissed a few people that didn’t mean him any good then dropped a hit single at the time “No Sauce” & “Hate Me” right after that which he wrote while incarcerated. In 2018 he re-released “Hate Me” on all platforms through new distribution and followed with “Pray” in 2019 which is a new sound for the Nashville native.

“Pray” was written while I was incarcerated. It was supposed to be a rap but the producers and engineers I’m working with currently brought out a new sound in me. The song is really just me expressing the pain and hard times I’ve faced along the way.

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