Blake Basic – PocketsPeterGriffin @imblakebasic

Blake Basic is a 19 year old upcoming underground rapper based out of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Blake started making music when he was 15, at first it was all for fun but it quickly turned into a career path for him. Going from recording freestyles on a cellphone to making high quality hits on a studio level microphone, Blake has come a long way in just 4 short years.

Being from Michigan, Blake never felt like he fit in with the typical group of kids who would hunt, fish, or go skiing. Instead he found a passion for music and continued to pursue it everyday since 2015. Blake Basic has quickly made a name for himself in the underground scene, due to his clever marketing skills and unique promotion tactics.

He is most known for his breakout single “Bad Influence” which now sits at over 3 million views on YouTube, absolutely towering over, the rest of his catalog. The song has a raw, high energy, yet laid back vibe throughout and it has become increasingly popular in places like Russia and Ukraine.

Blake’s most recent adventure sees him team up with rising rap star TrippyThaKid, who has worked with established artists such as Pouya, Ramirez, and $uicideboy$, just to name a few. Check out Blake’s music and I’m sure you will not be disappointed with the high level of raw talent and exciting energy he has to offer.

“PocketsPeterGriffin” was initially created for fun but it quickly turned into a fan favorite and I’ve since spent all of my time promoting it as much as I possibly can. I truly believe I have something unique with this single.

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