HighKeyRandom – Tippy Top @HighKeyRandom_ @LilFlexicanyf @jjuniorrjjrr

HighKeyRandom, HKOD CEO one of the most highly energetic and inspiring performers and musicians on the scene. He is based out of Boston mass Dorchester to be exact. He makes music for The hurt to get better he might say flashy cool lyrics but his overall message is to get up an get it cause ain’t no one gonna do it for you . his music ranges from pop to.

Rock to r&b to trap some ppl say he has his own genre called Trap N B because he still keeps it’s street with a gentle side also calming himself the gentle savage. HighKeyRandom is definitely an artist to look out for in every way his work ethic is incompatible an his passionate is more than anything. keep an eye on him an watch him shine to be one of the biggest artist in the world.

Listen to “Tippy Top” on of the stand out songs from his recent body of work, “1.0”.

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