Yksopretty – Rip.19 @yksopretty

Yksopretty’s latest single “Rip.19” touches on the duality of life and death. Coming from a sense of happiness while dealing with the low ends of losing loved ones. Saluting JuiceWRLD, Mac Miller, and Lil Peep, Yksopretty draws you in with familiar vocal chimes while hitting you with heavy memories on this “purgatory” banger. This track was produced by Eris and mix and mastered by his in house engineer, O-DxxxZY.

Stemming from Detroit, Yksopretty’s sound tends to stick out from the rest in a way that adds to both rivers of sound. One side holds the trappy feel that you get from artists like ‘Lil Uzi’ and ‘Deko’, while allowing subtle drips of the intoxicating, low feels, held by artists like ‘JuiceWRLD’ and ‘Lil Peep’. The past year has been a crossroad of genre meshing as Yksopretty infuses trap with melodic dopamine. From his first visual “Pitbull” which was released Jan. 2019, to his most recent one “Blue Cheese” which dropped 2 months ago, its not a surprise his sound is gaining waves.

Heavily centered around highs and lows, Yksopretty’s sound brings you closer to the Sun and back down to Earth from in minutes. Sampling bands such as ‘Senses Fails’ and ‘Hawthorne Heights’, he intertwines dark and light while building his flows around specific feelings and ways of thinking. Featured on the blog “bongminesentertainment.com”, the song “Gr888” off his project “888” was described as “an interesting tale of a young guy who believes being him should be a crime.” Before wrapping up 2019 Yksopretty released an EP titled “BornFromPain”, This only continued to showcase his talents in a light only he could project. The latest piece of music we’ve received was a single titled “Rip.19”.

Diving into the unexpected loss of the late rappers Mac Miller and JuiceWRLD, this track only allows his audience to drift further into the working mind of the sadboy that is “so pretty”. This track is a base for his highly anticipated Album that will be dropping before Summer 2020. It gives a sense of expectations or whats to come, from the mixing to the energy; It is obvious that Yksopretty is not finished tugging you closer to the edge with him. At 24 years old he has already made a name for himself in his area and is projected to make a bigger impact then he realizes. Yksopretty is an essence that will grab your attention and have you coming back for more.

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