Rngbreezy – Boomin @RNGBreezy

“Boomin” is one of Rngbreezy’s singles from his upcoming EP. It’s high energy and unique style makes this song one of his favorites to go back and listen to when he’s feeling himself. Can you relate?

New Jersey’s Rngbreezy brings more than his fair share of fiery, upbeat, new age music and sculpts them into unique pieces that have even the most non rhythmic listeners ready to show out.

His music can be described only as a trip to the inner ego that releases the inhibitions of anyone would be listeners. His flows and energy only lets listeners go for a moment just to hook them back in with infectious beats and hooks that keep the listener coming back for more.

For Rngbreezy, music was the only natural path he could take as he was heavily influenced by his family and friends as a youth. This molded his unique sound into what it is today, as he takes elements from many different genres and styles to create his own unique sound that is quckly gaining him traction in his state.

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Rngbreezy, as he prepares his debut EP for release later this year. Keep your ears to the underground and look forward to the progression of this budding young artist.

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