Yotaguchi – Smoke Break @YotaguchiBeats

“Smoke Break” is Yotaguchi’s first official EP. From Tracks with heart like “M.I.A.” or “Stranger Things” to turn up tracks like “Reverend” or “Frozone”; this EP shows Yotaguchi’s diversity and ability to keep his content fresh and progressive.

Yotaguchi is a St. Louis born Producer/Rapper/Engineer. Born in Sept of 94′ growing up he was influenced by artists like Metallica, Pantera, Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, DMX, the list goes on.

In middle school he started playing guitar for a band and progressed with his love and skill for music, after a few years in a band he broke off and went his own route picking up the demo for fl studio and hit the ground running.

Since then he’s worked with many artist in St. Louis whether it be as a recording engineer/producer or rap feature on a song, his goals are big and he doesn’t plan to settle for less.

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