Yksopretty – Pink Cheese @yksopretty

“Pink Cheese” is the sister-track to Yksopretty’s “Blue Cheese”. Featured on the EP “BornFromPain” this heavy bass, trap infused track details the feelings Yksopretty battles. The feeling of abandonment, the feeling of smoking away the troubles only to realize the higher you are the bigger fall. They all come to the surface in this song. Disregarding the love he receives from certain people is his way of saying he understands why people do what they do. With a world full of hidden agendas, Yksopretty keeps it “open” with his audience on this track. An AMV for this tack is available on Yksopretty’s Youtube channel. This song was produced by CRCL and engineered by O-DxxxZY.

Stemming from Detroit, Yksopretty’s sound tends to stick out from the rest in a way that adds to both rivers of sound. One side holds the trappy feel that you get from artists like ‘Lil Uzi’ and ‘Deko’, while allowing subtle drips of the intoxicating, low feels, held by artists like ‘JuiceWRLD’ and ‘Lil Peep’. The past year has been a crossroad of genre meshing as Yksopretty infuses trap with melodic dopamine.

From his first visual “Pitbull” which was released Jan. 2019, to his most recent one “Blue Cheese” which dropped 2 months ago, its not a surprise his sound is gaining waves. Heavily centered around highs and lows, Yksopretty’s sound brings you closer to the Sun and back down to Earth from in minutes. Sampling bands such as ‘Senses Fails’ and ‘Hawthorne Heights’, he intertwines dark and light while building his flows around specific feelings and ways of thinking.

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