Noah Scharf – Crime @NoahScharf

Noah Scharf’s “Crime” is an introspective song about the struggles of being on the brink of stardom but also feeling extremely far away at the same time. The general theme is not really knowing what your purpose is but taking a step back and realizing there’s greater problems in the world and that we’re actually very privileged.

Noah Scharf is an artist and producer born in Kissimmee, FL and raised in the Carolinas throughout his school age years. Scharf began freestyling in locker rooms junior year of high school and started making his own music during the summer prior to senior year. Although an avid basketball player his entire life, Scharf decided to pursue music full time during his senior year.

Scharf gained his first break through his manager at Marco’s Pizza who was able to set him up with his first deal. From there, he got his first viral hit on WorldstarHipHop with Wavy and signed with Agency 99 shortly after. For the past couple of years, he has been working on his debut project gearing up for a highly anticipated release.

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