J J L & Rosie – Myself @JJL_Music @Rosieboy12

There’s something brewing in the waters of Minnesota, and it’s clear it won’t be calming down any time soon. “Myself” is a mesh of stellar flows from J J L & and a mix of refreshing harmonies and rapping from Rosie. Independently, the tune has reached over 10k streams on Spotify and 11k views on YouTube, and it doesn’t look like these two artists based out of Minnesota will be slowing down any time soon.

J J L – J J L is an artist from Minnesota who’s been steadily building an audience over the last few years. From working with the likes of Silas (signed to Logic’s Bobby Boy Records) to obtaining over 100k streams on his debut EP “Two Fours Up” in 2019, The 23-Year old artist is a force to be reckoned with.

Rosie – At 22 years old, Rosie has been slowly building an online buzz. From racking up 10k streams on Spotify from his 2019 single “Fallin’ / Magic”, to over 11k views on his recent collaboration with J J L on YouTube, Rosie is set to make waves for years to come.

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