Youth Soul Love – SVDM 2 @YouthSoulLove

Starting off from releasing “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre” back in 2018, “SVDM 2” is the second installment to Youth Soul Love’s ability to put his own spin and show off his innovative sound. With a dark mix of both R&B and Hip Hop this project can be described as a love story turning sideways.

Youth Soul Love is a Hip Hop & R&B Soul artist born and raised in Houston, Texas. Known for his effortless blend of relatable lyrics and high energy sounds, YSL combines fashion, music, and high quality visuals to not only bring you an original sound but immerse you in a one of a kind experience. He has been in the music industry since 2014 writing and co producing all of his music and has performed over 50 shows in the U.S. His major influences include The Weeknd as well as Houston peer, Travis Scott and aims to create what he calls timeless music.

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