JOSEPH BLACK DROPS MUSIC VIDEO FOR “(i hope you) miss me” – @JosephblackMusi

Joseph Black, a 22-year-old rapper-singer-songwriter drops his music video for his hit record “(i hope you) miss me” via Untold Stories / Electric Feel / Capitol Records. Watch it HEREvia WORLDSTARHIPHOP. In the video Joseph Black is in feelings reminiscing about his ex who he loved as he smokes the pain away. This raw breakup anthem fuses visceral emotive rhymes over trap drums and a simplistic melancholic piano. 

“I was kind of mid anxiety attack when I recorded my vocals for “(i hope you) miss me.”” says Joseph Black, “I missed her & I wanted her to feel the pain I was going through. Recording was my only way of turning my negative situation into something positive.”
The song became a TikTok trend organically -ironically started by his ex who the song is about- and it holds over 10 million global streams. Plus “(i hope you) miss me” charted in the top 5 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart. Joseph Black is creating emotional and raw music derived straight from his life and chaotic upbringing. His sound is melodic rap music narrated through his youthful eyes. Joseph Black is on the verge of a breakout and has many more stories to tell through his music. 
ABOUT JOSEPH BLACKJoseph Black is a 22-year-old self-made rapper, singer and producer from Duluth, Minnesota on a mission to make it. He has a DIY hustle and cracked the mainstream with “(i hope you) miss me,” a painfully honest breakup anthem. His creation process is self-taught starting from age 15 and is inspired from a mix of Eminem, Lil Wayne, and country music. Black had a chaotic upbringing growing up on welfare and he often got into fights in school before dropping out at age 18. He had a stunt turning to the lawless drug ridden streets while pursuing music. His sound is pandora’s box as he might drop a melodic banger or a street anthem or even a turnt-up-party-jam. He’s on the verge of a breakout and hopes that his music helps others find solace since that’s what music does for him. 

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