Spanish rapper Höl Gae Lictus newest EP ‘Tauries’ @holgaelictus

What is Tauries? Tauries is 743’s best work up to date, gathering in a single EP really different styles among them all perfectly mixed up. You’ll find from DnB (‘Bxss’) to hard trap (‘Vendidos’, ‘Dark Empathy’), closing Tauries with a set of sad melodies (‘Corazón’).

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Download Tauries

Höl Gae Lictus A.K.A. 743 A.K.A. Alberto Sánchez Frutos is a self-taught producer and artist born in Murcia (Spain). After battling with metal music from 12 to 22, he started making his own beats and recording songs with nothing more than a borrowed microphone and his little-to-none knowledge about music production.

Making his own music opens a whole new world of possibilities for 743, enabling him to freely speak his mind through lyrics that can be best described as “psychotic“. Alberto’s beats have always been non-generic, taking influences from what he learned while playing the bass guitar.

Nowadays he’s also the creator and manager of Acideath.

743’s discography:
· KNOW1EDGE (April 2019)

· Psycho Tape (July 2019)


· LSD (November 2019)

· Alchymia (November 2019)

· Cha[in]g (January 2020)

· HardMode (March 2020)

· Tauries (April 2020)

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