Listen To “Bite” Here:
View “Bite” Lyric Video Here:

“NJOMZA is pop’s best-kept secret that is bound to not be a secret for much longer” –Ones To Watch
“With soulful vocals combined with an authentic energy, NJOMZA puts self-acceptance at the forefront of her new music.” –Du Jour Magazine
SinceThe80s/Motown Records artist NJOMZA lives in a genreless world. The Kosovar-Albanian songstress returns to the scene with new music and a fresh look. Although she co-wrote several of the biggest pop records of the last decade, her latest single, “Bite, lies in a musical realm between alternative R&B and soul. Lyrically, it is a feel-good mantra, while sonically, its pure vibe. Listen to “Bite” HERE via SinceThe80s/ Motown and view the lyric video HERE.
Bite” marks the beginning of a new era as NJOMZA authentically steps into her spotlight, ditching her signature blue hair and instead embracing her natural beauty. “It’s a playful, fun & flirty song. I hope it makes [listeners] feel good,” she said. She evokes sensuality through her sultry vocals. “Sexy won’t you undress for me?” NJOMZA croons, combining different emotions on the track to increase the level of provocativeness.

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