Dreadhead Ced ‘Bottom’ Prod. KayohBeats (Video)|@dreadhead_ced

From Huntington, West Virginia or “The Bottom” Dreadhead Ced is making noise in an area that doesn’t even have a hip-hop radio station. This is Ced’s first solo release after dropping records in the past with artists $teven Cannon, SyAriDaKid, SwagHollywood, Yung Dred & more. KayohBeats did his thing on the production with this heavy trap sounding beat over the guitar melody to make this song really bounce.

DHC BIO:As an artist out of Huntington, WV Cedric Bell or also known as Dreadhead Ced is making noise in an area that doesn’t even have a hip-hop radio station. Born on July 16 1987 DHC found his passion for music in the 8th grade from artists under Cash Money Records such as the Hot Boyz and Lil Wayne. It was during this time that he wrote his first rap and as the saying goes “the rest was history.” In high school, Ced and some of his friends formed a group that helped sharpen his skill. A few years later he decided he wanted to take his music more seriously and he began a solo career. During this time Ced began to invest in himself as an artist, and he linked with local videographers, bloggers, promoters, and different producers. One producer who Ced linked with was “Kayoh” and after a few years of buying beats, they partnered for a single. The single was a hit in his home state and the two began to work more together. Kayoh soon became Ced’s in house producer and manager. Since the duo have been working together, Ced has continued to make hits, generate a solid following, and have his music heard across the country. DHC has now worked with artists SyAriDaKid, Swag Hollywood, $teven Cannon. Quicktrip, Lantana & more. 

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