PEiRC3 – Go With The Flow @peirceprod

“Go With The Flow” is a soul searching anthem that shares PEiRC3’s experience of taking a step back from partying every weekend and asking himself, where am I and where do I go from here? With the help of his frequent collaborator and friend Cus Campbell, a very talented trombonist from Berklee College of Music, PEiRC3 effectively shares his energy as this single plays an integral role in this chapter of his life and discography. Go With The Flow is the 5th single of his 6 song story that shares his experience of his attempts to fill the void and find himself.

PEiRC3 is versatile artist who’s sound ranges from psychedelic pop and ambient r&b to alternative rock and hip hop. He is a unapologetically honest and vulnerable artist who finds solace through creating. His ability to produce, engineer and record all of his music has helped him create a cohesive sound and gives him freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of genre&sound. His last 6 singles weave his story of being lost at college and attempting to find himself through the empty culture that we idolize. PEiRC3 is a senior at UMass Amherst, studying in a program where he is building his own major, Artistic Entrepreneurship. He’s grooming his talents as a videographer, photographer and graphic designer as he learns the ins and outs of the art industry. He hopes to expand his world once graduated and to help as many artists manifest their dreams as possible.

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