Ru Story – Pop Off @only1ru_

Ru Story lets the video for his “Pop Off” single loose.

With his passionate lyricism and and magnetic stage presence, Ru Story has worked his way to the top of the Columbus, Ohio rap scene and is poised to emerge into national prominence. His sound draws equally from old school attitudes and cutting edge modern production techniques, making him the perfect artist to put Columbus on the map.

Launching his career far away from the major music capitols of America, Ru has never chased trends, choosing instead to focus on cultivating an individual style that is 100% authentic. As a true original in a world full of imitators, he writes songs that speak directly to his audience. As a result, he forms a true bond with his fans, who champion him as the voice of Columbus. He gives that same love right back to the town that made him, promising to stay true to his roots even as his growing online presence takes his music all around the world.

“Why be afraid of being who you are when what’s really scary is wasting time being someone else?” Ru asks. This attitude has propelled him from a total unknown to an artist on the brink of stardom. For all of his accomplishments, Ru Story still isn’t satisfied, and is committed to passionately improving himself, his music, and the world around him. “Every new day, teach yourself to enjoy life,” he says. “This is how you can change the world.”

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