Colton Bryan – Dawn Rise @coltonbryan28

“Dawn Rise”, was derived from Colton Bryan finding and loving the vibe of Yondo beats, purchasing multiple beats and laying the saxophone upon the track. This track is composed of two lines of harmonising saxophones, mainly an octave key, which is a recurring style within his music.

When recording this track Colton had maybe maximum 30 minutes before he had work at Papa Johns at 6pm, he recorded his first line, listened to half of it to check if it recorded well, recorded the second line and then immediately left to get to work, not even listening to the recording back. This then spent another couple months as a fresh file, until he found the time to edit the tracks whilst on an hour train journey to Manchester. With a couple touch ups of his own Engineering, he was then completely surprised and amazed at the result.

He then has now taken the time to produce a music video for this, inline with the hip hop feel, with urban graffiti, but again takes it out of the norm by placing it within a sultry environment.
This is ready to go.

After this single release campaign, he is yet to release his other tracks with similar feels.

Colton Bryan, is a professional saxophonist from the UK, with 4 years of field work performing in clubs, for weddings and other such events. 12 years playing the saxophone, in which within 3 Years achieved the highest grade of Grade 8 in the ABRSM Music Exam Board, and was awarded ‘Outstanding Individual of the Arts Under 18’ by his local council for achieving Grade 3 in 3 months and Grade 5 in 10 months. After completing his training in classical music, he then ventured into playing for himself professionally all over the United Kingdom. After understanding the lack of saxophone instrumentation in the music industry and having amassed a large following on Instagram (6k+), and also realising how Instagram is a powerful tool to connect with other associates in the Music Industry, he then began to make videos with some being reposted by the likes of LinkUpTV (800k+ on Instagram) and Rising Talents (180k+) and Banter and Talent (1.1mil+ ), with some reposts reaching 18k+ views consistently, and so he has now taken the time to venture into the streaming world.

Within the music industry, he has come across the likes of Angel, StefflonDon at the UMA Awards in 2018, JSolWorld, LottoBoyzz, Gino Bonazzi, B Young and again, by using Instagram, was contacted by both KidaKudz and Lady Leshurr for the use of his sound; yet to be released on their own projects. This is also multiplied by him working with other smaller, upcoming artists like RABArtist, Harrison Dock and Yatez with other productions in the works.

Being 21, he is ready for what the world has to offer, and what he can offer for the world, through the simple act of playing his saxophone.

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