Damian – “Cross My Heart”

Remaining true to his sound, Southern Cali’s DAMIAN returns with his song, “Cross My Heart.” With earthy R&B sounds over production from RAREBEAR. DAMIAN pulls the listener in with this ballad-like single.

Cross My Heart is a song that I wrote about being in love. It has real feelings behind it and I think the track brings those feel good vibes of when you are in love,” DAMIAN explained. ”My guy Truman will direct the video which I’m planning on filming in the Philippines where my family is originally from. I’ve never been there but my grandpa talked to me about it and it’s been a lifelong goal of mine to go there someday. “

After a near fatal skateboarding accident i DAMIAN made a full recovery after which he quickly took to making music.

“I don’t have any features, there are no additional songwriters, it’s all me and RAREBEAR on this track. In the next few months I plan on following up with more music, and visuals. I expect lots of progression – we spent all of last year doing things a little different and we used 2019 to prepare for 2020. The time is now.”

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