$Willi Dinero$ – Call Um Out @willi_dinero

“Hard Bass and Catchy Melody” best describes $Willi Dinero$’s sound. Hard Bass and Catchy Melody is the beat, the soul and is also the depth of his vocals. Willi practices high and low pitch sounds with his voice to create most of his songs whether it’s screaming, yelling, whispering, or mumbling. That’s where the catchy melody comes into play. The catchy melody of the song is the voice and the tune of the beat whether it’s a catchy loop, soothing instrument, or unique sound. If these aren’t the aspects in a song, it’s not him. Catch his latest video for “Call Um Out” below.

Chicago based artist, $Willi Dinero$ has been on and off since 2016. Between the years of 2016 – 2018, Willi focused more on perfecting his sound at his home based recording sessions before actually releasing a more consistent flow of music. As 2019 approached, Willi prepared a demo project for people to sink into along the way. “Before Tha Fanata$y” was released Nov. 18th, 2019. “Hard Bass and Catchy Melody” best describes his sound of delivery which validates his high and low pitch vocals on top of hard bass beats. As 2020 is underway, Willi plans on dropping a full length mixtape called “Grind Season” sometime in the spring or summer of 2020.

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