Canny – Detention @lil_cxnny

Canny’s “Detention” playlist is a collection of songs that show how creative and thoughtful Canny can be as an artist. Every song fits on this playlist yet none of them sound the same. With songs like “Blast Off” and “Wrong One” you’ll be sure to have yourself humming along with Canny’s diverse and different voice. Putting singles “Glow” and “Plug” on platforms like Spotify, ITunes, & Google Play, Canny made sure all his fans could hear a story from this ear pleasing playlist.

Canny, an upcoming artist from Harrisburg, PA, has been working towards perfecting his craft and finding a new sound everyone will love. “Blast Off” is one of many that he is now ready to release to his fans.

After having a rough life, Canny hopes to spread positivity and happiness through the world. Talking about depression, love, and his trouble with the law, he hopes to relate to everyone in some way. Looking for a way to vent and talk about his feelings, he taught himself how to produce unique beats, write heart catching hooks, and design sweet graphics for his songs.

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