YoungBoy Flexin HARD – B Petty @YoungBoy_Flex

“B Petty” is one of the standout cuts from YoungBoy Flexin HARD’s “Flexerz Guidebook:The Money Path”, produced by King BJ.

YoungBoy Flexin HARD, born in 1996 is a hip hop artist from Hungary, Europe. Spending the first half of his earlier childhood in the US had a mixed cultural impact on him. Inspired by his favorite artists, such as Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Akon, he started writing raps at the age of 13. YoungBoy might still seem new to the game, but he is a rap veteran.

In 2016, teamed up with his cousin they formed a group called “The Realtardeds” gaining local attention with releasing songs on YouTube and promoting at house parties. The duo later on went separate ways due to musical differences. YoungBoy took a step back from the forefront and got engaged with his craft once again. In the December of 2019 he released an EP called “Flexerz Guidebook: The Money Path” , produced by King BJ.

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