Jay Clout – Don’t Care

Jay Clout was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1996. Interested in music from early childhood, he started playing guitar and writing songs by the time he was 9 years old. Struggling to find support from his family to pursue music as a career, he changed his last name to ‘Clout’ to represent the fame and success everyone told him he would never achieve. Now, Jay Clout makes songs about heartbreak and love accompanied with melodic hip hop style production.

He explains his latest release, “Don’t Care” below.

‘Don’t Care’ was a song I wrote after meeting a girl and spending the next 2 weeks traveling anywhere we could afford, watching Netflix, and basically falling in love with each other. It was short lived, but it was a really cool time in my life and I really just wrote exactly what we did and what I felt. It turned out to be a pretty special song. The song references the girl being my “biggest fan” because we’d sit and listen to my music for hours at a time and she loved literally every song. I wanted to make something with no verse, just a a pre chorus and chorus repeating over and over. It’s not my favorite song i’ve made, I have alot of unreleased stuff coming out really soon.. but everyone seems to like this one so that’s dope.

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