Dilatedpupilsxxzxlove – dim the lights

Dilatedpupilsxxzxlove debuts the new single, “dim the lights”.

I’ve collaborated with Jimi Ono on this track. I found Jimi on SoundCloud and I immediately felt in love with her own unique singing style. She sings with her heart and her vocal melodies are so emotional. I think she has great potential and I believe she should work hard to get her name out there because people need to listen to her music.

The style of the song is alternative, I got influenced by Lil Peep and this new generation of sad rappers originated in the SoundCloud rap scene. The track was mastered by Joe LaPorta who works as mastering engineer at Sterling Sound and he did such a great job.

The beat is melancholic. I produced the instrumental combining many elements like synths, bells, guitars, a synth bass and also a 808. I made a drop every time I wanted to change rhythm to the song. Jimi recorded the vocals in a very passionate way. I like the way her audio engineer mixed them, someone could think the autotune effect is a bit too excessive, but in my opinion he did something original.

The result is something raw, pure and overwhelming. My music is addressed to everyone that feels alienated and antisocial, vulnerable but rebellious, mad but silent, craving love and affection till it turns out to be pain and depression.

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