APKLYPZ – Time @apklypz

“Time” in the world of APKLYPZ is the unknown march into darkness. The trippy mind-bending perceptions of infinity. The psychedelic wanderings of a consciousness loose in the cosmos. The groove between space and time, the analog and the digital, reality and illusion. Indulge in the visual behind the single on YouTube.

APKLYPZ has been honing his skills as a musician and songwriter for decades; spending his youth playing in metal and funk bands across the south. But it is deep down the electro-musical wormhole of psychedelia and jazztronica, that the sound of APKLYPZ is formed. A thickly layered mixture of vivid electronic production, the music is as emotionally engaging as it is intellectually challenging but the music is only half the story.

APKLYPZ has developed a distinct visual tone by working as a globetrotting professional video producer for nearly a decade crafting visual messages for some of the biggest companies on earth. Weaving a trippy dystopian vision into a psychedelic tapestry fit for the apocalypse, APKLYPZ welcomes us to a unique audiovisual experience.

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