MYCHEEKSARERED unleashes, “Nohook”. In the essence of a “no hook” type-song, there is no repeating verses or a hook. (Quite self explanatory) The finished product is a very fast-paced, energetic track that doesn’t seem to stop until you’ve reached the absolute last seconds. However, the thing that sets THIS no hook from others is the complexity of the bars that coincide with the overall pace of the track. In this age of rap, it isn’t as common to find someone who can do both.

MYCHEEKSARERED is a 17 year old white kid from Ottawa, Canada. Began writing music at about 13/14, working on perfecting his flow/sound/identity. Because of the fact that he is white, he has persisted on developing his flow so that it would be hard for someone to deny his talent. Also pursuing a career in fashion design… But that will further develop later in the future.

With the ability to create songs of all kinds of moods from more vocal focused, mellow tracks to ones such as NOHOOK, MYCHEEKSARERED has already proven himself to be quite versatile as a rapper with such a small, public discography. With the help of friends, some very talented producers and other artists. The informal SLF group was then created. Collectively spreading awareness for the things that genuinely matter in life. Less of the toxicity that surrounds us constantly.

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