Sicnarf – Dezire @Sicnarf_soul

“Dezire” is the first single for Sicnarf’s upcoming EP, Forever, set to release this fall. This song is more “mainstream” than most of his music. However, he still stays true to his artistry through witty punchlines and unique adlibs. His signature deep vocals cut through the high pitched flute which gives the track a sombre, yet lively vibe. The hard hitting 808’s and sharp snares will be sure to keep the listener nodding their head from beginning to end. The instrumental was produced by Cxdy. However, the song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sicnarf himself.

Sicnarf is a rapper by way of Cameroon, making a major mark on his city. His energy is reflected in his music, through drum and bass heavy sound selection. His sound is best described as lyrical, with a cadence that sporadically ebbs and flows from melancholic inflection to agile — with ease. He’s been hailed as one of the best storytellers in his city, through freestyle, recorded content, and visual creative. His major influences are Kendrick Lamar, Future, Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Tyler the Creator, Young Thug and The RZA.

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