Nuckles – Muharreban

“Muharreban” is the first Arabic song that Nuckles had composed. Being a Musician, he tried to expand his musical horizons and ventured into the Arab music industry. His tracks were received with an insane amount of love as shown in his IG comments. In this song, he talks about being a “Muharreb / Muharreban” which in Arabic translates to “smuggler”.

He spoke about how he changed his ways after meeting a Palestinian/Filipina girl, the only girl he’s ever really loved and was ready to do anything for. Unfortunately, due to his wild tendencies and also trust issues, he ruined the relationship and broke up with her twice, deeply regretting the last time he did it. He talks about returning to his destructive ways and not seeing the need to change, but says he valued the time he spent with her and the lessons he learned.

The cover-art of the picture features his notorious black AK-74, a few machetes and a HUGE bag of weed hidden in the luggage-bag.

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