King Troopa – Anti-Social @Kxngtroopa

In “Anti-Social”, King Troop and Z-Ro exchange verses on failed relationships, knowing your true ‘self’, choosing to gain financial wealth independently rather trying to fit in with society, and other social issues. The song also covers the struggles of depression and anxiety due to a variety of causes. The instrumental, produced by DJ Yung Vamp, is heavily influenced by Houston’s very own DJ Screw and his signature “chopped and screwed” technique, which was popularized in the 90’s.

King Troopa is a young veteran from the Arkansas rap scene. He made his name known through the “Mario’s World the Mixtape” series that spanned from 2006 to 2014. Born Tomario King, Troop was inspired by Twista, Nas, Tupac, Redman, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Crooked I, and Z-Ro. Embodying their styles, he’s been fluent w/ blending storytelling and lyricism effortlessly – All while providing substance in his lyrics. Troop is best known for his signature aggressive style, reality rap, and technical ability to fast rap while enunciating every word w/ clarity.

King Troopa got his start in 2002 w/ childhood friends Chase and Kalek Vionelle. Their songs gained recognition throughout North Little Rock, allowing Troop to branch off to begin his solo debut in 2006 w/ “Mario’s World the Mixtape”. It generated enough success to launch a series starting w/ Volume I in 2007. “The Last Mario’s World” ended the 5-mixtape series in 2014. Troop also released, “Tripl3 Thr3at: Definition of Lyricism”, w/ Ant Dog and Rob Thugga in 2009, showcasing his talent to new regions and reaching 1.9 million plays on Myspace before its decline. He gained recognition in 2012 for “Halloween: The Night HE Came Home to Hip-Hop”, displaying his storytelling capabilities and recapping John Carpenter’s “Halloween 1978”. His song “Halloween Night 1978” reached the Matty P’s Radio show in front of special guest Rob Zombie in 2013. Troop is currently working his 8th mixtape “Body, Mind, Soul” and debut album “Almighty”, both scheduled to release in 2020.

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