James Garlimah – 1990

“Everything was better in the 90’s” was the quote this record was written around. Only thing is James Garlimah’s love and affection was used in place of the “90’s”. Produced by OVO/Repsup own SAUCEboy who is based out of Toronto. Here’s more concerning the release from James himself.

My obsession of creating music that cuts across a large range of people from all corners of the earth is the driving force behind the lush harmonies and counter melodies in which i use to reinforce the story while at the same time creating a musical journey that listeners will enjoy and repeat with out losing their attention. The story is set in the first verse in which i describe loneliness and a void that needs to be filled with a partner i am already in close relationship with. With every relationship having its high and lows, “1990” is me telling my companion that these good memories we are making in this moment is what will hold us over in times of hardship.

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