Fiend AKA International Jones – “Down South Like West Coast (Again Again).”

With a slew of hits under his belt, loud pack on deck and bunch new music set to hit digital retailers this Fall, famed New Orleans rapper International Jones aka Fiend drops his new visual for the song, “Again.” Featuring a crystal clear visual and a smooth hook International Jones aka Fiend delivers what we have come to expect from this staple in the the New Orleans Hip-Hop world.

International Jones aka Fiend is a rare artist that spans multiple decades in the rap game after reinventing himself multiple times. While some may know International Jones from Curren$y’s Jet Life Recordings and the Smoker’s Club Tours, other Hip-Hop fans know Fiend for his work with Master P’s No Limit Records.

From selling millions of albums to touring in front of thousands, International Jones aka Fiend has done and seen it all in the music game, but he’s reinventing himself yet again on the aptly titled record, “Down South Like West Coast (Again Again).”

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