Tyler Lawrence – Circles @theetlaw

Tyler Lawrence drops details behind his latest drop, “Circles”:

After being ‘funemployed’ for a few months and out of the bulls*** of the corporate world, I landed a new job and started back on the grind. But my first few weeks at this job felt like I was back in this toxic, unfulfilling lifestyle I had been plagued with before; running circles every day but ending up in the same place. I found the lyrics from a verse in a sample pack, and they instantly struck a chord in me. I tried to encompass that feeling I had in my return to the corporate wheel with this whole song; even when the drop hits, and that lead feels like its about to bust out of the same cycle, it all comes right back to those words “running in circles to get away…”

Tyler Lawrence is an American DJ and producer who Beyond The Beats podcast called “the artist to watch in 2020.” He is a multi-instrumentalists who first picked up a guitar in the 6th grade and dreamt of rocking out on stage like classic rock legends Angus Young and Jimmy Page. Although he’s been creating music for years, he broke onto the music scene in 2019 after realizing the daily corporate life wasn’t fulfilling his itch to create.

In pursuit of his true passion, he began studying music once again and has since produced four tracks which have gained the attention of indie music press and podcasts. In just a few months, after the release of his third single, “Back to U,” his Spotify monthly listeners went from a few hundred to a few thousand. Tyler Lawrence is a banker by day and a DJ by night… just an everyday kid with the grit to make it in the music industry. In 2020, he plans to release an EP and has massive shows booked.

Tyler Lawrence is an artist who loves to love and lets his passion push him forward, using his drive for creation as an escape from daily life.

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