After a few weeks in the studio, HOLLOWGANG have managed to create a bunch of tracks. The single “POSTCARD” debuted on October 18th via Wasted Talent Records for which HOLLOWGANG say: “We think the common thread in postcard really is the whole turning something sad into something hype. First demo we made off it was based of a wonky guitar we sampled from somewhere and some really garbage vocal takes and no drums, but on the way home from the studio when we played it in the car it didn’t really seem to matter how sad and depressing the track was — all we wanted to do was scream “YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE” at the top of our lungs every time the hook came and we just stuck with that vibe when it was time to clean the song up. There was something about that line that just stuck with us, so we polished the verses, giving omgitsbxrt some room to flex his rapping and give the song some extra flesh. Loving someone who’s far away and won’t return the feelings sucks donkey ass, and if you can’t flip the sucky things into a fucking banger then they’re just sucky and we can’t have that.”

For the promotion a large-scale social media campaign runs over 4 weeks. Furthermore a Online promoter for UK/ US was hired to get first relevance for online blogs and youtube channels.

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