G Mamba x TommyRolla – Validation Tape @1GOLDENMAMBA @tommy_rolla

“The Validation Tape” was recorded in 3 Major cities: Chicago, Atlanta, and California. This album consists of both G Mamba and Tommy Rolla with a combination of singles and duo’s. The album has a combination of the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast Vibes.

G Mamba is a Chicago native. His hobbies are basketball and rapping. His dream place to perform is Rolling Loud and Coachella. He was a finalist for the Netflix Rap Series, Rhythm and Flow. He has also performed at 3 day Music festival in Minnesota 2 years ago.

TommyRolla is 21 years old and from Bolingbrook, IL (a suburb of Chicago). He’s been rapping for 4 years. His first song posted was on February 1st 2017. His Hobbies are “Gettin to Dat Bag” His dream place to perform is Coachella.

He has had 2 performances: LED PRODUCTIONS and Chicago Funktions

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