Oy Malik – Guilty @OyMalik_

“Guilty” is a fiery but chill song ironically. It’s a blue flame. Oy Malik would never plead guilty to anything due to him thinking he’s already guilty until proven innocent in today’s era. He senses he’ll make it by telling listeners that his first million he’s going to flex until his hands bleed. Wanito has a short but punchy fun verse that people have applauded. It’s a original and catchy enough to definitely put people on notice and on the lookout.

Rashon Wilson AKA Oy Malik is a explosive versatile artist that will keep you guessing on what you’ll hear each time he drops a new song. Oy Malik born in San Diego, California reigns from a number of states he lived in but currently lives in Florida. 9-5 jobs kill him and are actually meant for you to use the money you earn from them to fuel your dreams. He has always thought that since he first started at McDonald’s and that’s what he’s currently doing now.

His big brother Jauan aka Wanito was rapping first and then Oy Malik got involved a year later. He learned how to audio engineer, make beats and produce tracks by watching many tutorials and purchasing his own studio so he didn’t have to continually pay for all of these services. His musical influences range from Big Sean, Kanye west, Jay Z to My Chemical Romance, System of a Down all the way to Hiroyuki Sawano, and Lorne Balfe just for a few examples. He says he’s going to initially focus on rap and rise through the ranks and then would like to learn how to compose music like Hiroyuki, Lorne, Hans zimmer etc. Will Smith was also a motivational factor how he initially was into music and then mainly blew up as a actor. The New Orlean Saints is his favorite football team and Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player ever in his eyes. He loves anime with Attack On Titan being his favorite. There’s a lot more to know about him but there’s a brief look into Oy Malik’s mind.

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