Lil Medium – Ancient @LilMediumRaps

“Ancient” from Lil Medium is a dark take on the woes of the modern man. Driven by hunger, the constant pursuit of a better life, and a plethora of drugs, Medium paints an eerie picture of the world he lives in.

Kirk Siefert aka Lil Medium has been chasing the highs… and the lows of hip-hop since he was a youngin’. While his parents worked around the clock to provide for their blended family, Medium’s older sister would take care of him, bringing him to high school parties, movie dates, and football games… this boosted Medium’s vernacular and knowledge of human interaction from a young age. By the time he was 6, he could recite the entirety of Nelly’s Country Grammar album, Eminem’s The Slim Shady EP, and Sublime’s 40 oz To Freedom, much to his parent’s dismay and older sibling’s delight.

Today he is a spawn of all the culture that brought us to this point. Like many others, Medium was inspired by Lil Wayne’s mixtape and album runs in the late 2000s. There was a point where the only thing that entered Lil Medium’s ears was Lil Wayne or the other notorious mixtape king, Gucci Mane. Medium has carved out his own path by introducing lyrically charged psychedelic and occult like elements into trap music… and the outcome is perfection.

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