@COTFPT – “Do It Again”

Hailing from the West-side of Chicago, rapper PT returns with his new song, “Do It Again.” Raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago, PT got started after he was inspired by his late friend Fanjacker who passed away.

From there he branched out eventually moving to Madison, Wisconsin where he continues to push his brand.

“Do It Again is a very epic track that’s mostly upbeat, but it’s real and it’s lyrical,” PT explained. “I’m from the West Side of Chicago, born and raised where most kids don’t even think about their future. All they know is what they see right in front of them.”

For the Nalexander the Great produced track, PT commissioned Rio from Camera Godz to direct and shoot the video.

“Do It Again” will be featured on PT’s project titled, SUMMER INNA WINTER dropping in January.

“Yes there’s a new star on the way stay tuned and especially stay tuned for my EP,” he added. “My plans for the next few months are to keep pushing to gain exposure and promote myself, my brand and label.”

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