Erich Mrak – City Lights @ErichMrakMusic

“City Lights” marks the fifth single release of Erich Mrak’s since the start of 2019. The singles make up his 6 song EP titled “See You In September”. “City Lights” kicks off with warm synths, and vocals describing Erich’s life in the city over the last 3 years touching on relationships, the stresses of work environments, and the attempts made to balance the two. Produced by Bento (Erich’s in-house producer), and Vic Ns, initial production for “City Lights” began in early 2017, and finalized in May, 2018.

Beginning to write lyrics at the age of 7, and recording his first full song at 13, Erich has continued to practice, and refine his sound since an early age. Born in Ottawa, based in Toronto since 2013, Erichʼs influences come from where heʼs been, and where he currently is. Over production that is made up of two main genreʼs, pop, and hip-hop, Erich displays a combination of the two with a genuine delivery, penning songs that are relatable, with message.

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